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Want to take the hunting trip that you've always dreamed about?  We'll take you to remote areas in Newfoundland where hunting is at its very best!

Portland Creek Outfitters have 9 hunting camps on the Island of Newfoundland for your  convenience, as well as one hunting camp in Labrador which may be used for bear hunting only.  All camps can accommodate 4 hunters and are available for 7-day and 10-day hunts. Camps and locations are as follows:

Area 3

Rattling Brook
Cat Arm
Sam's Pond

Area 39

Cloude River
Grayden Lake
Double Pond
Blue Pond

Area 45

Thousand Islands
Pike's Feeder


Southern Back Waters

The big game hunting season in Newfoundland and Labrador begins in mid-September and ends in early December for firearms with a bow hunting season beginning  two weeks earlier.  The opening of our moose season coincides with the mating season, when the moose can usually be "called" by guides to within range of easy rifle or bow shot!  Hunters chance of being successful range from 95 to 100%.  Hunters can book a single moose, caribou or bear hunt, or a combination of the above.

Meat Care
All camps have meat houses which are used for the care of meat. The meat from successful hunts is stored in heavy white cotton bags, tagged, and show instructions, as to what you want done with your meat after its taken out of the camp.
There is a meat cutting service in the immediate area.
Meat will be  deliver to the butcher shop but from there it's the hunter's responsibility.

Extra Preparations
We recommend that all hunters bring high-powered rifles equipped with scopes, that have see-through under open sights. Rifles should be sighted for 150 to 200 yards.
Each hunter should bring warm sleeping bags, warm clothing, rubber footwear (approx. 12-16" high,) binoculars, rain gear and of course, a camera for those spectacular pictures of your trip. Because of fly-in camp, you should try to keep your gear as light as possible - approximately 60lbs per person.

Extra Costs
Hunters are responsible for costs of alcoholic beverages, tips, etc.  If hotel accommodations are necessary upon arrival in Newfoundland and before flying in to camp, costs are the responsibility of the hunters. Also, extra fee for cutting, packaging and chilling or freezing of meat. To fly meat home as extra luggage cost approximately $1/lb Canadian Funds.

All books will be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit.  Personal cheques are acceptable for deposit, however for final payment, which is due on arrival, cash, cashier's cheques or travelers cheques is required.  Refunds are available until June 1st or until licenses are issued by the Department of Tourism.  Deposits are transferable.

Non-resident hunters must provide proof of passing hunters safety test or of having a big game license in previous years. Photocopies of such proof is acceptable. Special applications which must be filled out by the hunter are available.

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