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The Fishing Experience of a life-time in Labrador!!
Southern Backwaters: (Big Fish with Big Appetites)

The Southern Backwaters Lodge is located in a bay where several rivers flow into the ocean. Large Trout, that winter in the lakes and ponds come out the rivers in June to feed. They'll hang around the mouths of the river for several weeks before going back up. Arctic Char are also caught here.

The Fishing

Trout fishing in Southern Backwaters range in sizes from 2 to 6 lbs and are very abundant.  Whether, you want to try fly or spin cast fishing, be prepared for excellent success with large speckled trout, sea trout and Artic char.
 Trout average 2-6 lbs. or more. Want to try salmon fishing?  Ask us about it.

Our guides play a very important part in our business and your vacation. So we will provide you each day with our experienced and professional guides. Your guide will plan each fishing day for your enjoyment and convenience.

If you plan on fly fishing, you should consider the following flies :

Wet Flies Dry Flies
Blue Charm Rat faced McDougall
Thunder & Lightning Royal Coachman
Dusty Miller Grey Wulff
Silver Tip White Wulff
Silver Grey Orange Bugs
Green Butt Brown Bugs
Green Highlander  
Black Dose  
Rusty Rat  

The Accommodations
The Southern Backwaters Lodge consist of four guest bedrooms with two single beds in each. Dining and sitting area, bathrooms, showers and electricity. Cooks will prepare hearty breakfasts and home-style meals each day. Enjoy fresh cooked salmon or trout whenever you feel for it. Daily lunches are also provided for each day on the river.

Come Prepared
Labrador temperatures may change quickly at anytime. You should bring sleeping bag, some warm and light clothing. Also bring rain gear, chest waders with non-slip soles, insect repellent and sunglasses. Don't forget to bring your camera for spectacular shots.

Season, Reservations and Deposits
Salmon fishing starts early July and ends mid September. Trout fishing starts mid June and ends mid September. Fly Rods should be 8-9 feet long with 6-8 floating lines. Tapered leaders should be 8-10 pound test.

To confirm reservations the deposit is $300 per person. Rates include accommodations, meals, travel to and from lodge after you arrive here, guides 1X2, boats, motors, life-jackets, etc.

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